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WATERSHED® - Big Creek™ Backpack

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Big Creek™ Backpack

Whether canyoneering in the Arizona desert or hauling your laundry to shore in the dinghy, the Watershed® Big Creek™ Backpack offers airtight, submersible storage in a small day pack size. It works well for small cameras and a few towels for a day at the beach or a carry bag for waterfowling in flooded timber.

+ Unlike many bags that zip, snap, or roll, our drybags seal shut like a freezer food storage bag - except with a lot more grip and power. Bag closures lock shut to form an airtight and watertight seal that can endure up to 300 feet of underwater pressure.

+ We use polyurethane-coated fabric, which is chemically stable and provides five times the abrasion resistance of PVC. This means that Watershed® drybags perform better and last longer than other drybags.

+ At Watershed®, we don’t just throw in an extra stitch or two to strengthen our seams. Instead, we double- and triple-layer our fabric at meeting points and weld joints together with high pressure radio waves. This creates an ultra-strong seamless bond built to last through the toughest conditions.

Removable, padded shoulder straps

Durable top lug handle

Large, tapered opening allows for easy access to contents

+ Available Colors: Black, Blue, Orange


Material PU coated rip-stop nylon fabric
Closure System ZipDry®
 Dimension Rolled (approx.) 43 cm Height - 25 cm Width - 16 cm Depth
Capacity Rolled approx. 21 l
Opening Size approx. 38 cm
Weight approx. 862 gr