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Venture Flex -  A kayak stable and easy to paddle, for comfortable cruising up and down the river, enjoying the scenery and having fun with friends from the get on.

As the name suggests, the Flex is designed for flexibility, allowing you to explore canals, take short coastal trips, enjoy a tranquil day on the lake, or float along gentle rivers; all in one kayak that's easy to paddle, transport, and store.

With the most stable hull in the Venture range, a large cockpit for easy access, and plenty of room for your picnic, you'll be having fun on the water in no time.

The Flex is available in MZ3 construction - The same whitewater grade single skin polyethylene used for its supreme impact resistance in our range of Pyranha whitewater kayaks.

Choose This Kayak For:

- A lightweight, reassuringly stable and easy to use kayak.

- Relaxed, short distance trips.

- Easy transport and storage.


Size one
Length 330 cm
Width 65 cm
External Cockpit Length 89 cm
External Cockpit Width 51 cm
Volume 225 l
Weight - Single Skin MZ3 23,5 kg
Capacity < 120 kg


System CLUB
Pivoting Seat Fixed Seat
Thigh Grips Fixed Thigh Grips, for both comfort and control.
Backrest Padded backrest with speed buckle support adjustment
Features Soft Touch Handles - Anti-Theft Plate - Twistlock Footrest - Hatch and Foam Bulkhead



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