LETTMANN - Ergonom Pro TOUR - LCS 70

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Touring Sport - Ergonom Pro Tour LCS 70
Ergonomic always plays a roll in our life – also in kayaking. The paddle has to suit to the canoeist. Therefore, Klaus and Jochen Lettmann developed the ergonomic design. A new era in the slalom sport begun and the ergonomic is now always a part of kayaking.

The advantages of the Ergonom-Paddles are varied

    • Minimal wrist movement through 55° feather
    • Both hands can hold the shaft without being cramped
    • Less holding power
    • Only with the ergonom shaft it is possible to exert the maximum power and use the biomechanics of the hand, arm and shoulder to the full
    • The blade is about 3 cm in front of your hand and gives you more propulsion with less power
    • The blade being in front of the pulling hand stabilises itself automatically
    • A smooth and even movement into and through the water

This high-developed product relieves your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles - it doesn't matter whether you like slalom, white water, rodeo, touring or sea kayaking. There are remarkable advantages when you make long tours and radical manoeuvres.

The paddle comes in standard feather 55° - right or left handed. You can also order the paddle not mounted / in parts as kit with everything required to mount by yourself.

Available with straight shaft as - PROFILE TOUR LCS 70 -
Paddel Joint, which can extend the length of the paddle by 10cm available as option - VARIO PADDLE JOINT TOUR -


Sizes small large
Blade Size L/W 470/190 mm appx 470/203 mm appx
Weight 1030 gr appx 1050 gr appx
Shaft 32 x 29 mm 32 x 29 mm