LETTMANN - Ergonom Multi Wave WW - LCS 100

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The Multi Wave paddle on the Ergonom-Shaft is Lettmanns newest whitewater paddle. A super stiff blade with a great catch and no flutter combined with the excellent Lettmann power crank.

Positive effects :

  • Minimum wrist motion at a paddle blade feather of 55 °
  • No cramping of muscles and tendons, because both of your hands are grapping light and fluffy the angled ergonom bent shaft
  • Maximum power transmission and full adaptation to the biomechanics of your hand, arm and shoulder joints
  • More propulsion with less effort, as the point the paddle blade is in front of the draw hand
  • Clean immersion with less slippage of the paddle for direct propulsion
  • Automatic stabilization of the paddle blades of the upstream pressure point of the draw hand, this also causes flutterfree pulling the paddle blade and reduces holding forces
  • Better handling with technical paddle strokes as sheet or pull-shock, because the paddle can be opened further.

The Multi Wave blades ripples provide both enormous stiffness and help stablize the paddle through the stroke improving control and power. Constructed from Prepreg Carbon with a kevlar core the Multi Wave feels nice and light, ensures low abrasion and good impact resistance as well.

So summon your courage and try yourself on Ergonom Multi Wave.

The paddle comes in standard feather 55° - right or left handed. You can also order the paddle not mounted / in parts as kit with everything required to mount by yourself.

Available with straight shaft as - MULTI WAVE WW - LCS 100 -


Sizes small large
Blade Size L/W 460/185 mm appx 460/200 mm appx
Weight 900 gr appx 930 gr appx
Shaft 32 x 29 mm 32 x 29 mm