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The Kober X-Dream SF ATT is a extremely solid whitewater and touring paddle with a spooned blade which guarantees a good drive at a low weight, thanks to ATT cavity system. Made from high quality polyamide (the one with the highest impact resistance). Gentle on muscles and joints, due to its well-flexing fibreglass shaft.

Being pioneers in this production technology with its cavity-system, Kober has known and appreciated the advantages for a long time:

Low weight (up to 25% lighter), thin blades, so less power is needed. Lightweight blades generate less centrifugal force and leverage, so paddles can be moved with less effort.

Materials are used specifically for the required applications.

Additional filament reinforcement.

Equally spread cooling during production process = no hidden cracks.

Tensionless blade – no warping = perfect performance.

+ Bent Grip, adapted to the hand’s shape. Provides exact control of the paddle and makes manoeuvring easier. Preferred in swift waters.


Thanks to ATT-cavity-system the paddle blades can be designed with a thin, hydrodynamically optimized cross section leading to gentle performance and needing less power. The back of the blade doesn’t need any reinforcing ribs which would impair its performance:

Whirlpools created at the backside of the blade would lead to a turbulent stroke.

Catch and release of the blade would be influenced negatively by water sticking to the blade.

Water sticking to the blade at the release couldn’t drain quickly enough and would add additional weight to the blade at each stroke. This is why paddles by Kober & Moll don´t have those impairing ribs.

+ Using PA, the quality of this raw material depends directly on the price. At Kober we use only the best PA available (yes, the one with the highest impact resistance) for our high quality WW-paddles. They are additionally reinforced with filaments (carbon or glass), resulting in stiff, heavy-duty blades which are also extremely impact resistant, abrasion resistant and durable.


  • Available Lengths : uncut (max. lenght 160 cm) - grip not mounted
  • Available Shafts : Straight Standard - diam. 30 mm - oval
  • Weight : 830 g (approx.)
  • Blade Size : 44,5 cm x 20 cm


  • Straight Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Edge reinforced
  • Bent Grip


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