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PYRANHA - Ripper - Riverplay

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#PlayTheRiver is back

The Ripper takes the #FastIsFun ethos introduced by the 9R, and combines it with a playful stern for an extra dose of adrenaline.

Standout features of the design are generous bow rocker , prominent edges which soften towards the stern, ample foot room, maximum waterline for exceptional downrivre speed, and a highly predictable, supremely manoeuvrable planing hull.

With enough volume to take on all your favourite runs, in the Ripper you'll be stern squirting out of eddies, dip turning around rocks, and soul surfing every wave... after all, kayaking is meant to be fun!

+ Low volume stern, for unhindered back deck rolls and kickflips

+ Planing hull with maximum waterline; fast, manoeuvrable, and perfectly suited to surfing

+ Full volume bow punches through larger features, whilst also offering ample foot room and volume for huge pop outs

+ Bow control edges for carving performance on waves and downriver manoeuvrability, softening towards the stern for forgiveness and to keep the hull loose for flat spins


Sizes S M L
Length 274 cm 274 cm 274 cm
Width 59 cm 62 cm 63 cm
External Cockpit Length 95 cm 95 cm 95 cm
External Cockpit Width 50 cm 50 cm 54 cm
Volume 216 l 235 l 271 l
Weight 20 kg 20 kg 21 kg
Optimum Paddler Weight 40-75 kg 65-90 kg 75-125 kg



System Stout 2
Stout Seat Simple, solid and highly ergonomic seat with thermoformed pad, trim adjustment and height adjustment shims
Stout 2 Hip Pads Deep-fill, oversized hip pads which mould to your shape, with foam adjustment shims to give a snug fit
Ratched Backband Padded backband with height adjustment and ratchet adjustable support
Stout 2 Thigh Grips Padded, contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment and optional hooker upgrade
Pillars Step-Out Pillar
Footrest Full Plate
Grab Handles Aluminium x2
Security Points Aluminium x3



 Orange Soda
 Blue Crush
 Pink Fizz - Limited Edition
 Option : Custom Color (Stout 2) - contact us