PYRANHA - Loki - Freeride

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The Loki makes old school freestyle moves even better than the memories.

Splats, stern squirts and cartwheels are the Loki's bread and butter; minimal volume in the bow and stern make it super easy to get vertical and the Loki's moderate length makes it stable on end for limitless splats and effortless to link ends smoothly when cartwheeling.

With plenty of hull speed to run and retain features, in the Loki you can make the whole river your playground, pulling all the classic moves in modern comfort and safety - we challenge you paddle the Loki without a smile on your face.

+ Super slicy ends, easy to initiate vertical moves and smoothly link ends

+ Moderate length, plenty of stability on end and speed for heading downriver, retaining features and surfing

+ Progressive rocker, super-efficient for soul surfing and lends itself well to vertical moves

+ Modern outfitting, highly adjustable padded seat, thigh grips, backrest and hip pads

+ Full safety features, foam footrest, bow and stern pillars, hull stiffener and high grade nylon handles and lock point


Sizes S M L
Length 219 cm 220 cm 222 cm
Width 61 cm 62 cm 63 cm
External Cockpit Length 86 cm 86 cm 86 cm
External Cockpit Width 48 cm 48 cm 48 cm
Volume 147 l 185 l 223 l
Weight 14.5 kg 15.5 kg 16 kg
Optimum Paddler Weight 45 - 85 kg 65 - 95 kg 75 - 115 kg



System Stout
Stout Seat Simple, solid, and highly ergonomic thermoformed padded seat with trim adjustment and height adjustment shims
Connect Hip Pads Padded, thermoformed hip pads with ajustment shims for a secure fit
Connect Backband Padded backband with hight adjustment and ratchet adjustable support
Connect Thigh Grips Padded, lightweight thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment
Pillars Mini Cell Foam
Footrest Foam Wedge
Grab Handles Nylon x2
Lock Points Aluminium x1



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