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LIQUIDLOGIC - Party Braaap - Riverrunning

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"The fun thing about bringing this new model into the lineup is that now there is a playful river runner for mid sized paddlers in the Party Braaap and one for larger paddlers in the Mullet", says Shane Benedict

The Liquidlogic Braaap has been a huge success. Paddlers love the speed, agility, and river running performance that the rocker profile and slalom hull design has exposed. The one thing that some paddlers have asked for in the Braaap is a more playful stern that engages the water dynamically. Automatic for the People! We now have the Party Braaap. The Party Braaap has the exact same hull and bow design as the Braaap. The difference is that we sucked 2.5 gallons of volume out of the stern deck making it concave. That significant drop in volume makes the PB a stern squirting, wall splatting, surfing machine while still being a pinpoint accurate river runner. Now you have a choice! A more full volumed performance river runner in the Braaap or a more playful river runner in the Party Braaap.

Folks from 140 to 200 lbs will find the PB sporty fun. While folks 180 to 275 are loving the Mullet for playful river running. We hope you will enjoy this boat as much as we do!


Sizes one size
Length 272 cm
Width 62 cm
Rocker Bow 30,5 cm
Rocker Stern 25,4 cm
External Cockpit Length 88 cm
External Cockpit Width 53 cm
Volume 254 l
Weight 20 kg
Optimum Paddler Weight 45 - 100 kg



System Badass
Badass Seat All one contour padded construction - UV resistant facing material - Quick draining mesh construction - Anti-microbial material - Durability you can't rip, or tear this stuff.
Ratched Backband Padded backband with height adjustment and ratchet adjustable support
Thigh Grips Contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment
Footrest Full Plate Footrest
Security Handles Aluminium x2




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