LETTMANN - Manta - Riverrunning

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The Lettmann Manta is designed to be a highly competitive kayak for extreme races. At 272 cm it is within the allowed length limit and the most noticeable features are the aggressive bow rocker and stern spoiler . The purpose of the bow rocker is to lift and clear holes whilst keeping you on track and in control to move forward. The stern "spoiler" design assists in exiting holes by boosting the boat forward and out to maintain your momentum; great for speed in a race and equally useful for surviving gnarly hydraulincs.

Manta Large:
weight of the paddler: ca. 65 bis 115 kg
Volume: ca. 320l
Length: 272 cm
Width: 65 cm
Loading capacity: 140 kg
Weight: 21,5 kg
Cockpit keyhole, outside dimension: 93 x 50 cm

Configuration Creek Spec:
Aluminim safety handels in the front and the back - drain plug - impact plate - rodeo seat - backrest with contour backrest cushion - ratches for the backrest - foam in the front and the back - center rail - variable thigh-braces with cushion - two aluminium-safety grips behind the cockpit and one in front of the cockpit