VENTURE KAYAKS - Islay 12 LV Sport - Adventure Touring

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Islay 12 Sport - plenty of character and liveliness, stable and comfortable - just a pleasure to paddle.

An adventure touring kayak in an easily manageable size; if you're progressing from a shorter, recreational kayak and want something with a little more speed and storage capacity for extended adventures, or if you're looking for a boat with the features of a longer touring kayak, but a little more manoeuvrability, the Islay 12 is for you.

Islay 12 LV available in MZ3 construction - The same whitewater grade single skin polyethylene used for its supreme impact resistance in our range of Pyranha whitewater kayaks.

Choose This Kayak For:

- The stability and manageability of a recreational kayak, but with greater hull efficiency.

- A mixture of day trips and weekend adventures.

- Easier manoeuvrability than a longer touring or sea kayak.


Size 12 LV
Length 381 cm
Width 62 cm
External Cockpit Length 90,5 cm
External Cockpit Width 48 cm
Volume 228 l
Weight - Single Skin MZ3 23,5 kg
Capacity < 90 kg


System Fit 4 Sport
Pivoting Seat Deep-fill, padded seat can be adjusted to an angle that provides a comfortable, tailored fit for you.
Flexible Seat Support Ensures a smooth ride over choppy water; self-adjusts to maintain optomal hull integrity, impact resistance and performance.
Thigh Grips A highly ergonomic shape with easy, rock-solid adjustment to ensure the best position for both comfort and control.
Oversized Hip Pads For a comfortably snug fit which is ideal for precise edge control and rolling.
Floating Backrest Replaces the high backrest to offer increased connectivity plus compatibility with spraydecks.



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