LETTMANN - Ergo C1 Downriver - LCS 70

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A really unique paddle for C 1!

You are looking for a new durable and powerful paddle for your adventures in your canoe on whitewater or for your next rodeo session. The new concept of C1 paddles based on the Ergonom Pro WW Ewtrem, the Ergo C1 Downriver from Lettmann could be your new faithful companion. Whether the face of the blade was reduced, you have 7 % more power. It is because of a change of the angle from blade to shaft, another geometry of the blade and a new profile. Now, you have an easy and effective control.

The Ergo C1 Downriver is really good for harder use in extrem whitewater and rodeo sport. The Ergo C1 Downriver is as all Lettmann Ergonom paddles stable and durable and only available in the Lettmann’s LCS 70 construction - it has a slightly higher Kevlar content and does weight a bit more.

The paddles are made of 70% carbon, 10% Kevlar and 20% fiber glass in combination with high quality epoxy resin - the result is a paddle that offers stiffness and strength like no other paddle out there. All models require aramid wear edge integrated in the leaf - whitewater blades have a thicker aramid wearing edge. This prevents excessive wear on the edge of the paddle blade.

The paddle comes not mounted / in parts as kit with everything required to mount by yourself.


Sizes small large
Blade Size L/W 470/190 mm appx 470/203 mm appx
Weight 470 gr appx 570 gr appx
Shaft 32 x 29 mm 32 x 29 mm